Honestly I shouldn't be mentioning it, but me and my team are making a game for the computer. If all goes well we may be adjusting said game to go onto Xbox Live and see if Microsoft will pay us some money for it. The PC version may or may not be free. It all depends.

I have more techno-ish songs coming to my profile SOON. I'm also trying to think of something to make my flash about...it's gonna be boring, but I can do it. Maybe I'll get a writer...

Flash me?

2008-06-19 01:31:45 by RebooterBlue

Wow flashes are HARD AS HELL! I'm kidding. I'm just lazy as hell. I'll get back to work.

Nobody Knooooooows

2008-06-01 01:10:18 by RebooterBlue

Nobody knows of my page. Depressing but then i only have a single submission....LAME. FUCK. FUCK. FUCK.


2008-05-31 00:36:23 by RebooterBlue

Im making a flash right now...It'll be hella lazy though...